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DPAS Research

With a 17" Planewave telescope, DPAS is uniquely qualified for scientific research. Explore the pages below to see what we have been doing on the scientific side!

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With billions of other stars in our galaxy, our planet is not alone... Exoplanets, planets around other stars, can be detected when they pass in front of their host star and dim its brightness. DPAS is part of NASA's Exoplanet Watch program, where our data data is combined with observations from other astronomers to help scientists get a better understanding of these strange new worlds.


Stars light up our night sky, and each one is unique. However, because we're limited by what we can see from Earth, scientists need creative ways to learn more about these objects. By splitting apart the light that reaches us from those distant stars, it's possible to determine their composition, their temperature, and many other things. 

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